Monday, November 26, 2018

Swoo App - Refer & Earn ₹50 Real Paytm Money (Loot)

paytm real money earn by swoo app

About Swoo app:-
Which game do you like the most in Swoo? Is it the quizzing time with Trivia, the rhyming and marking in Bingo, matching the candies in Candy Krack or the guessing in Poll Mania? Or all four?!
They are fun, right? And, it’s about time you let your friends in on the Swoo secret - there’s something in it for you. ,The process is simple. Share your referral codes with your friends. Ask them to join Swoo and apply your referral code. When they play their first game, you earn Rs.10/-. You will also earn 3 lives and your friend will earn 1 life.

How to Refer:
First Of All, Download Swoo app

Open your Swoo app.
Click on any of the games.
Click on the ‘Swoo Challenge’ button.
Scroll down and click on the ‘REFER AND EARN’ button. You will see your Referral Code.
Refer code :- Staneboys
 Start sharing using the ‘Share’ option.
Ask your friends to use the ‘Apply’ button in their Swoo app to apply your Referral Code.

Terms and Conditions:
Every Swoo player is entitled to a maximum of Rs.50/- in referral bonus. Above that amount, the player will earn 3 lives per successful referral, but no money.
Your friend should play at least one game for the referral to be successful. Kindly note, the game can be any game in Swoo except the 2 PM Bingo and the 1.30 AM Bingo.
Any issues and concerns about the campaign can be raised by sending an email to Our technical team will respond back at the earliest.
The campaign duration is under the full discretion of the Swoo management.
We have a lot of new games and features in the works, one of which is...Teams! That’s right. You will soon be playing in teams, so, it’s a smart idea to plan your teams now by asking your friends to start playing Swoo.